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HERE WE GO; my .gif storm describing my Bioshock Infinite experience. I started playing this game just a few days after finishing Bioshock so the first game was very much fresh in my mind.

+ Entering Colombia, everything is gawgeousss:
 photo NEAT-spiderman_zpsc65bb2b8.jpg

+ Listening to "God Only Knows" in barber shop quartet form yessssssss:  photo approval-man_zpsde50f367.gif

+ I how I felt the first time killing a guy with the sky hook:
 photo really-violent_zps145c0b92.gif"

+ I keep calling Booker DeWitt Booker T. Washington. My brothers keep telling me to stahp.

 photo BOOKERTWASHINGTON_zpsfeb236af.jpg
"Amy I am so done" - actual Booker T. Washington historical quote

+ Fighting a Patriot, knowing a Patriot is around....just UGH PATRIOT:
 photo imdone_zps25e9b8f0.gif

+ Every time the Luteces showed up:  photo blink-blank_zps8a3ec73e.gif

+ SO.... Matthew let it slip a while ago that Elizabeth is Booker's daughter, just an offhand comment, he didn't mean to spoil me necessarily.
So from the get-go my perspective of their relationship was completely different but knowing that also brought up way more questions than answers throughout the game :|

+ I got way better at shooting in this game, like actual headshots and everything 8D I used guns more this time around as opposed to mostly using the wrench and plasmids in Bioshock. FPS are still not my strong points though, you'd probably be embarrassed if you watched me play. I was disappointed we could only use two different types of weapons at a time but I can see that if they let you use any weapon available, it might make it a little too easy?  :/   WELL, either way I think the good ole regular machine gun was my favorite.

+ Fighting the ghost-y Lady Comstock-y thing..... photo ron-swanson-skfja_zpsad32bcf1.gif

Fighting a ghost just did not fit with the rest of the feel of the game and her dumb halloween decoration OoOOo noises needed to stop...... It's almost how I felt when you fought the cursed Spaniards for the first time in Uncharted---but that was more jarring since up until then there was NO supernatural element to those games at all. and  (they were way more freaky). At least Bioshock has more weirdness but OoOOoooo ghost thing? WASN'T FEELIN' IT.

+  photo BioShock_Infinite-Boys_of_Silence_1_zps5a222f5a.jpgI REALLY HATED THAT THING WITH THE...idk the speaker head guy that sort of awakes the glow-y eye guys (sorry wow description words are lacking right now).  Oh apparently the official name is Boy of Silence, excuse me.  Boy of Silence, "speaker head guy" --whatever, you're creepy and I don't like you and I'm glad I actually didn't have to fight you, only your George Washington cosplay posse.  OH and apparently that was supposed to be a stealth part of the game OOPS....xD;; stealth and me don't mix.......I'm opposite of stealth, I'm Girl of Loudness.

+ When I upgraded the Bucking Bronco vigor so enemies stayed suspended in the air much longer:  photo excellenttt_zpseb6b1d7e.gif

Bucking Bronco is the best vigor EVER, I will not be convinced otherwise.  The "how to" instructions on using vigors were cute. xD  In fact, the terminology and item designs really are perfect for an early 1900s-like setting. Just like how "plasmid" really does sound like some mumbo-jumbo-y science term someone would use in the 1950s in the first game; I really do appreciate the art direction of these games.

+ Songbird ..............  photo tears_zpsfce940ab.gif

+ When I realized we were going to see Rapture again:  photo really_zpsf5651dd0.gif

+ The Bioshock series really loves odd father-daughter themes doesn't it

+ So the ending and themes and theories about Infinite have been written to DEATH (and yes it was fun reading pages and pages on it after the game xD) but no need for me to write my thoughts too. Patrick represents my feels perfectly:  photo infinite-patrick_zps7f14e932.gif

PS - Please direct anything Songbird-related my way K THANKS

Unemployment is over so my spree of video game binge playing has slowed down. I was able to finish God of War, The Last of Us, Bioshock and now Bioshock Infinite these past few months. Also playing Pokemon White currently...
I'd like to play Windwaker HD next! I started playing Windwaker yearrssss ago so playing the HD would be a nice re-intro BUT I might have to take a raincheck on that because I don't have an HD TV in my room and William would kill me if I stole his. (I really think I did myself a disservice by playing TLOU and Infinite on such a small screen..xDD...)  I'm sure if he found it missing I'd be the first one he'd hunt down.

would you kindly

Seven years late to the party but after playing the first 20 minutes-ish with Jared a few months back and being recommended to play by Bree, Ryan and Karen on my post about what I should play after TLOU, it was time to finally deep dive into Bioshoooock. It is now the 3rd game I've finished during my unemployment. /gold star for me

Bullet points on my thoughts:

Cut for length and potential spoiler-y thingsCollapse )

Some derpy dreams occurred:

Dream 1: I met Grumpy Cat. I waited in a long line to see her and when I did, she was sitting on a bunch of cushions. I got to hold her and her owner said to me, "Wow she really loves you!" I wanted to cry I was so happy LOL

Dream 2: Disneyland. I was there with friends but I specifically remember Caitlin and I going on the Haunted Mansion. They redecorated the whole inside and it ended up being super creepy. In fact, it scared me so much I kept my eyes closed the whole time and braced myself. By the time the ride was over, Caitlin was gone. Poof! Completely disappeared. I told one of the ride operators that my friend was missing and they said very casually that she is a ghost in the ride now. "Room for one more" I guess. HOW TERRIBLE IS THAT
And what's worse is I didn't even really react to the news. It was pretty much like, "Oh okay."
SORRY CAITLIN :C pls don't go on this ride with me ever again

Dream 3: With friends again, this time we were all sitting at a long table making cookies. Ryan was off to the side by himself and really focused on making tiny cookies that looked like buttons. He said he just got a new cat and named it Buttons and that's why he had to make button-shaped cookies. The problem was his cookies were turning out misshaped and he kept stabbing them with a weird pronged fork. (I guess to make button holes IDK) I tried helping and showed him how to make a cookie into the *perfect* button shape but he was like "NOPE" and then started adding big star sprinkles to them which somehow made them worse looking. I left him to his stabbing and sprinkling but don't remember who I was talking to next. xD

It's been a while since I've had friends show up in dreams but poor Caitlin and Ryan is now three for three when it comes to showing up in dreams that involve food. I get the cat part at least since he was talking about the cat he was babysitting (catsitting? petsitting?) last week.
I can't believe I haven't had a Grumpy Cat dream until now omgggg



Princess Tutu + eating Bagel Bites = BLISS



Have a picture of TURKEY BABIES.
You know, turkeys are kind of ugly birds no wonder we eat them en masse...but the young ones are pretty cute.

Karen is making a hand-turkey right next to me and being very detailed-oriented.

Hope everyone has a great holiday! I'll be at home briefly and then I have to get back to Burbank so I can work on BLACK FRIDAY. D: (At least it's only a four hour shift but I am not looking forward to it. Bleh.)

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to lionboogy!!

Sitting is for losers

You know, forget fabric.

My next cosplay will be made from...




Show me your ID

So my dad randomly decided that he wanted to see Ben Stein's movie (er, documentary?) Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed this evening. I was pretty much stuck going because we just picked up my mom from work and would have been late to the movie if we stopped at home first. At first I was like, "Boo boo I want to go home and chill because I am tired and running on 4 hours of sleep." But in the end I am glad I went to see it.

The main point of it was that in academia today there are universities in which teachers of science who even mention the words "intelligent design" are "expelled" so to speak from their job. Denied tenure, reputations tainted, etc. Even journalists who give intelligent design equal footing with evolution get black balled. It also spoke of the ongoing debated of Darwinists vs. scientists who believe in Intelligent Design theory. This is nothing new of course, we all know that that is a huge debate in the scientific world. It was NOT a film trying to prove Intelligent design or anything, it just showed the bias in the science world and the loss of freedom of speech in this aspect.

There are a two things I want to note after watching this:
1)What's going on right now really is not a debate about science vs. religion. There are religious scientists, for example. It is a debate on world views. Whether you are a theist, atheist, agnostic, or whatever--you have a world view. Science and religion are two different things. One asks the question, "Why?" (religion) and the other asks the question, "How?" (science)
I don't think these are contradictions. I have no problems with science as a Christian. I enjoy learning about science. (Despite me whining about my bio class last semester. Durhur)

2) While watching this, I remembered WAY more biology than I thought I did. XDDD (LOLOL BOB THE RNA IN HIS PRIMORDIAL SOUP Caitlin let us make fanarts)

Whenever I watch something about science or study anything related to science I always come away with this thought: The more I think about the complexities of the universe as shown to us in science, like the functions of a cell, the more I am compelled to believe that God is behind it. Oddly enough science has strengthened my faith many times. We are such complicated beings and there are such complexities in nature that I just cannot believe things happened by chance.


And just for the record: I am not posting this to engage in a debate on SCIENCE VS. RELIGION or if evolution theory is correct or not. That wasn't the point of the documentary and it is not the point of the post. It's just something I felt like posting about, especially because it is rare for me to make serious business posts. XD

Good Friday~

Christmas eve la la la


I'll make a Christmas post tomorrow but that lolcat has been amusing Matthew and me for days.
We're so weird.

Stolen from slave_to_anime! (Once again it proves that memes always come up when I should be studying. :B)

Band: Proteodoxa
Album: Arthur Honegger Discography

1. Grant Kenny
2. Bruneau hot springsnail
3. Ben Christo
4. Stadions Arkādija
5. Ladislav Slovák
6. Michael Kogan
7. Francesco Musotto
8. Kaisariani Monastery
9. Adjusted Winner procedure
10. Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon
11. Sukiyaki and Other Japanese Hits
12. List of state leaders in 1914
13. Gry Larsen
14. Osceola, Iowa
15. Daihatsu Rocky

Hidden bonus tracks:
1. Deductible
2. Aaron Harris

I don't know about you guys, but I DEFINITELY forsee "Bruneau hot springsnail" being a HUGE hit.
(I also see "List of state leaders in 1914" sounding like "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel. Just instead of naming events you'd be naming...ahmm...state leaders in 1914.)
I guess my album title is ironic, especially if there are no tracks by Arthur whatshisface.

Well--one final down! Two more in class finals to go and one due by e-mail before 4:30 on Friday.
For some reason I thought my Hinduism final was at 1 today. I was all ready to sleep in. Before I went to bed I decided to double-check my schedule for this week and saw it was at 10:45. I am so glad I checked! o__o;;

Hooookaaay, back to studying for my second final! After this final I can finally focus on bio. D:

My random post contribution for the day.

The existence of paopu fruit?? :OOOO

The real name of this fruit is "carambola" but people call them star fruits. x3

After reading their nutritional value and generally wasting as much time as possible, I realized I should keep studying for my bio lab quiz (CARBS LIPIDS PROTEINS) that is tomorrow...and Japanese too. Bleh. >:|

First day of classes. x_x

Firstly, Happy Birthday to codymau! Hope its a great one!

So classes started today. Today (as all Mondays will be) is BIOLOGY day and nothing else and sheeesh, I felt like I've been in class for half the week now. I was walking back from class and thought, "Wow, so it's only Monday."
Bio lecture wasn't bad and the teacher seemed pretty cool. The lab teacher also seemed pretty cool (and pretty lax?) but the lab was SUPER boring and tedious and we didn't really finish. We had to count beans 27 times for as a lab on natural selection. As I said: boring and tedious.
But whatever. No lab for two weeks since we have Monday off for labor day!

Tomorrow is all my major classes so I hope that goes well. I also hope to start working soon! I need monies!

Oh yeah! So I helped man the anime club table for about an hour and we had some people sign up. (Even with no poster or anything on the table. Well, I made one eventually and Phae printed out some pictures so our table wasn't so sad.)
I was wearing my Roxas jacket (because it gets cold in the classrooms not because I like wearing jackets in hot weather--then again, I always seem to anyway. Weird habit of mine. o_O) and one of the girls recognized it pretty much right away. YAY. Saix is her favorite and wanted to know how to make it. Another girl who signed up was a German exchange student and one guy lived in Japan for about 13 years. I hope this means we'll have a generation of awesome anime club attendees. It was getting kinda sad by the end of last year...

How could I forget? Yesterday I found out (as Phae, Caitlin and I flipped through the phonebook looking for restaurants and making up a story to go along with a doofy little phonebook character) that pineapples do not grow on trees. For some reason I thought they grew on trees! I've been so misguided all my life and I am not sure where I got the idea that they grew on trees? Maybe I've been getting them confused with coconuts.

Music Meme!

I've been tagged by aznbassplayer and bartboy41 for this meme so I guess I should do it, huh?

List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1. "Come Sail Away" - Styx

2. "Livin' on a Prayer" - Bon Jovi

3. "Little Wonders" - Rob Thomas

4. "Axl Rose" - SR-71 (LOL I still listen to this song a lot...at least it is out of my head. D:)

5. "Let Me Live" - Queen

6. "All My Love" - Led Zepplin

7. "My Pace" - SunSet Swish (Bleach Best Collection)

I am not going to tag anyone so if you feel compelled to do this meme, by all means! :D

OH MAN I need to work on costumes! -____-;;


Sora progress pics! Wheeee.

Well, Caitlin finished the wig today! ♥ ♥ Wig desu!

I wanted to take a break from sewing the pants, and I wanted to see how the top part of the outfit looks all put together so far. The jacket needs some tweaking but it is mainly finished.

Hey pictures!Collapse )

K...back to sewing!

And I need to study for my Japanese quiz at some point...

Good Friday Readings

I cut my finger on a fortune cookie yesterday.

That is one experience I never thought would happen!

Careful guys, those things are totally sharp.



This weekend seems long~ but that's a good thing! (I have lots to do.)

Yesterday was so fun! Anela's party! Caitlin already summarized it pretty well...but I will say this: I LOVE HER DOG. It's so cute. And her cat was CUTE and soft. And the second cat was cute too but it was shy. BUT THEY WERE SO CUTE. I want! I wish my cat was as friendly as these animals, oh man.

But yes, fun times fun times! Everyone was pretty much hyper-crazy for much of the evening. Lots of video game-ness, and I didn't fail a Guitar Hero song this time! Anela's chicken pesto was yummy and I felt like a pig for eating all of mine in about five minutes. :X

It was a nice way to spend a Saturday! Even if Caitlin and I got lost on the way to Tim's, and we weren't THAT lost really. :/ Weeks street is confusing, that's all!

I need to spend the rest of my weekend studying for my midterm Tuesday and perhaps finishing my class paper early (this would be LOVELY but I am not sure if I have the willpower at the moment?) and getting further on my Tohru cosplay! Sheesh, it's like...70-75% done? 80%? I am not good with judging percentages unless it's 100% or 0. :P

Caitlin showed me this, and it has become one of my new favorite YouTube videos. I want to learn the dance and song~!! ALGORITHM MARCH~!! (with Ninjas!) Perhaps some of you are familiar with it.

Pitagora Suicchi strikes again!

(The "pyuu pyuu" part is my favorite.)

"She's Crazy!"

Today I participated in a scientific experiment! Okay, maybe it wasn't scientific, but it was an experiment.

I was part of an experiment for Caitlin, Jared and Alyson's project for their Gender and Communication class. They had to do something that violates a gender norm. Their idea was to have someone act like a girly-girl and go into different video game stores and enthusiastically ask about a violent video game. Alyson and Caitlin didn't think they could pull "girly" off well.
Now, I am not like a total girly-girl, but I can pull it off with my silly voice and my pink clothing-ness. So that's what I did--I dressed in some of my pinkest stuff and we (including Lisa and Alyson's boyfriend person--I didn't catch his name.) went to a Game Stop, EB Games and Game Quest.

The first stop was Game Stop. Jared, Caitlin, Alyson and boyfriend went in first, then I went in, and Lisa later. (We did not want to look too suspicious.) I was waiting for the employees to ask if I needed help. They asked Jared. Not meee. So I had to go up to the counter myself. I asked about wanting a violent game similar to an anime I seen, with flying limbs and what-not. The guys looked kind of confused. One asked, "Like..a murder game?", and mentioned a few. I said, "Sure." One of them game out from behind the counter and started talking about violent games, and asked, "So just feel like shooting stuff?" I
"Yeah, it's a lot of fun." He sort of smiled awkwardly at my answer and pointed out some stuff. I finally thanked him and left. Jared was already outside so he wouldn't start laughing. I did not get to see their reactions after I left, but from what the others said by their facial expressions, they were confused.

Okay, the second place was the best! Only Jared and I went in this time since there were no other people in the store and again, we didn't want to be suspicious. Jared went in first and I went in about three minutes later. The guy asked me right away if I needed help, and this time I answered much better and was able to carry on the conversation better. I said something along the lines of, "Yeah, I am looking for an action game, that's violent? Similar to Gears of War!" And I mentioned how I liked violent games. (Gears of War=chainsawing people. We watched Jared play before we left.) The guy seemed really enthusiastic about telling me about all these games, talked about a new game coming out "like" Gears of War. He also mentioned Dead Rising and I asked, "The one with zombies?" (LOL I FELT ALL GAMER-LIKE) and the conversation continued. I thanked him after talking to him a while more and left. Jared stuck around for a few more minutes more, still incognito and we are SO glad he did.

He made some sort of weird-"WOWWHATWASTHATABOUT?"-face and said to Jared, "She's crazy...!"
And Jared just kind of went a long with it. Jared said the guy was totally stumped and another employee came out (a woman) and asked the employee who helped me if he just helped "that girl". She didn't hear the conversation but she seemed totally surprised I was there for some reason.
It was so funny hearing Jared repeat all of this because the guy seemed totally nice. The whole time he thought I was crazy. XDD

The last stop was at EB games and wasn't as exciting. The guy who helped me was taking a census thing and didn't seem fazed at all I wanted a game more violent then Gears of War. He just said, "Oh, I am not sure if we have anything more violent then that..." and yeah. Not exciting.

It was actually pretty interesting, because I actually got to see the girl-gamer bias first hand. I wish I could watch Jared, Caitlin and Alyson's presentation!

Afterwards we came back to our room. Lisa and Jared stuck around and we watched some episodes of G Gundam (XDDD) and Lisa and I continued sewing and such.

Fun day! And busy! Which is good, because my interterm week has usually been consisting of: going to work, going to class, and either sewing my Tohru costume like crazy or bumming around the internet.

:D? Ninjas?

New Naruto series trailer of happiness!


You get to see almost EVERYONE--even if it is super super brief. (And good ole Sasuke even.)

Well, it has been about what--2 years ish? 2 1/2? Who cares--I am excited again.


Happy Birthday Anela~!!!!

I hope you have an awesomely awesome day! ^___^


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